The Hut' by Hutchinson | La Hut'
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The Hut' by Hutchinson

The Hut' by Hutchinson is the first self-contained, all-in-one emergency shelter designed and developed by the French industrial group Hutchinson.

Hutchinson, founded in 1853 in Châlette-Sur-Loing in the Loiret (45), is the world leader in antivibration systems, fluid management and sealing solutions. In 2015, Hutchinson set up an innovation program called "MIP" for Make It Possible, referring to the group's slogan. From this program was born the Hut'.

The 200 components of Hut' are assembled at ASTAF, an ESAT (a work integration social enterprise) located in Fontenay-Sur-Loing (45), very close to the Hutchinson site in Châlette-Sur-Loing (45). ESAT is a structure employing people with disabilities that enables them to carry out a professional activity while promoting their personal and social development. This initiative is above all a desire of the Hutchinson group to invest in the local workforce but also to benefit from a significant production stage nearby in order to respond as quickly as possible to the needs of Hut' users.