The Hut', living base for the site cleaning up the leak of the Ile de France pipeline | The Hut'
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The Hut', living base for the site cleaning up the leak of the Ile de France pipeline

February 2019 : Following the leak on the Ile de France pipeline, the Hut’ was installed as a living base on the cleaning site.  


Discover the story of Alienor SALIN - Total Gargenville Operations Manager:

«We installed the Hut’ at a storm basin, which was a strategic point for us because we could close this basin, upstream of the watercourse called «Lieutel» and contain the hydrocarbons, thanks to a manual block valve.

At this point, we installed the Hut’ because we had a space that was too small to install an Algeco.
We had to be 4-5 people at all times to monitor the water level in the storm basin.

The Hut’ corresponded exactly to our need to install a small living base.
At first, we weren’t sure if this base would last 2 days, 1 week, 3 weeks,...

In the end, as the work progressed, we realized that this place was our strategic location for regulating pollution and the watercourse. We therefore maintained permanent surveillance for 4 weeks.

  • What were the strengths of the Hut’ for you?

For me the strong points of the Hut’ were its very quick and easy installation, its dimensions, its immediate storage capacities, and its small and friendly living base. It was effective even during the rainy events of March.

  • What would you have done if you hadn’t had it?

We would have had to install an Algeco, we would have waited to have it and there would have been less space because the footprint would have been larger but for less living space inside. What is pleasant in the Hut’ is a large living space.
And if we had had an Algeco, it would probably have been further from the monitoring site. And most importantly, we would have installed it a week later.

For reactivity it is better to have Hut’!

  • Would you recommend this product? 

Yes, absolutely! I would advise him to have a module  to deploy like that, anywhere. And especially when you have nothing available and you’re not in your factory, yes! 

All plants that are required to operate in isolated areas with no structure nearby should be equipped with them."